Session Information

Description: The changing contours of empire require new modes of resistance. Through its war on terror, transnational corporations, biopolitical violence, white nationalism, and global aerial surveillance, the United States has emerged as a neo-empire. Recognizing the unbound and nonterritorial expansion of the United States empire, this session enables transactions among forms—political and aesthetic, imperial and narrative—to counter and resist empire.

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Nicolette Bragg, U of Delaware

Shahzeb Khan, U of the Punjab

Zunaira Yousaf, Binghamton U, State U of New York

Muhammad Waqar Azeem, Binghamton U, State U of New York

Saba Pirzadeh, Lahore U of Management Sciences

Tehmina Pirzada, Purdue U, West Lafayette


Waseem Anwar, Forman Christian C