668: New Approaches to Asian American Nonfiction

10:15 AM–11:30 AM Sunday, Jan 6, 2019 (US - Central)

Hyatt Regency - Michigan 2

Session Information


1: The Memoir as Album: Kao Kalia Yang’s The Song Poet

Timothy Yu, U of Wisconsin, Madison

2: Letters to Memory, Karen Tei Yamashita’s Post-memoir: Forgiveness and the Unimaginable Community

Ruth Yvonne Hsu, U of Hawai‘i, Mānoa

3: How Do We Remember What We Never Knew? Karen Tei Yamashita’s Letters to Memory and Japanese American Internment Memoir as a Genre

Heidi Kim, U of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

4: Challenging the Dominant Discourse: Mahvish Rukhsana Khan’s My Guantanamo Diary and the Rhetoric of the War on Terror

Jeff Carr, Miami U, Oxford


James Kyung-Jin Lee, U of California, Irvine