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Assistant Professor of English and Medieval Literature
Lindenwood University

I am an interdisciplinary and comparative literary historian of the medieval British Isles and North Atlantic World, with emphasis on Old and Middle English, Anglo-Norman, Welsh, and Old Norse/Icelandic languages, literatures, and cultures, alongside interests in premodern Irish, Scottish, and French literature and culture as well. Publications in print: articles on Chaucer's birds, the Arthurian and Robin Hood legends, and pedagogical concerns; edited collection: Melusine's Footprint: Tracing the Legacy of a Medieval Myth with Misty Urban and Deva Kemmis, Brill 2017.) Currently working on two book projects on violence at the feast; edited collections underway: Food and Feasts in Premodern Outlaw Tales (with Kristin Bovaird-Abbo, forthcoming from Routledge), Teaching Celtic Literature in the Generalist Classroom with Matthieu Boyd); Edited collections in the planning stages: Arthurian Ethics (with Evelyn Meyer), Violence and Gender on the Premodern Stage with Matt Carter), and Arthurian Animals and Materialities in the Thornton manuscript (with Renee Ward); articles in development or revision: female friendship in Chaucer, exile and hospitality in the lai of Emare, Beowulf, and the theme of power in medieval myths and legends (for A Cultural History of Fairy Tales, Bloomsbury.)

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