532: The Great Migration and Its Afterlives

1:45 PM–3:00 PM Saturday, Jan 5, 2019 (US - Central)

Hyatt Regency - Randolph 1

Session Information


1: From Transplantation to Survival: The Great Migration’s Afterlife in Contemporary Movements for Black Lives

Mia Alafaireet, U of Wisconsin, Madison

2: A Product of the Great Migration: Emmett Till’s Tug-of-War with the North and South

Brandon Erby, Penn State U, University Park

3: To the Journeywoman Pieces of Myself: Remembering the Afro-Caribbean Women Migrants in the Works of Paule Marshall and Audre Lorde

Randi Gill-Sadler, Lafayette C


Jarvis McInnis, Duke U


Farah Griffin, Columbia U