389: The Presidential Address

6:45 PM–7:30 PM Friday, Jan 4, 2019 (US - Central)

Sheraton Grand - Sheraton Ballroom IV-V

Session Information

Description: 1. Report of the Executive Director, Paula M. Krebs
2. The Presidential Address, “Re-visioning Language, Texts, and Theories,” Anne Ruggles Gere, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MLA President. Gere explores language, texts, and theories that have narrated our profession. She proposes a re-visioning based on Adrienne Rich’s model—a re-visioning that critiques ways we have been led to imagine ourselves, embraces new perspectives, and sees familiar language and texts afresh.


Paula M. Krebs, MLA


Paula M. Krebs, MLA

Anne Ruggles Gere, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor