Session Information


1: Resisting and Surviving Arabophobia and Islamophobia by Arab American Female Protagonists

Nancy El Gendy, U of Nevada, Reno

2: ‘I Still Wrap My Hijab’: Mona Haydar, Hip-Hop, and the Politicizing of Gender and Islam

Erin Johns Speese, Duquesne U

3: Al-Andalus of the Southside: Performing between Musical and Faith Traditions in Chicago

George Potter, Valparaiso U

4: Borinquén, Aztlán, and Al-Ummah: Ideology and Discrepant Transversal Poetics in Latinx Muslim Spoken Word and Hip-Hop Spectacle

Ben V. Olguín, U of California, Santa Barbara


Rasha Chatta, EUME-Berlin