017: New Currents in Medieval Iberian Studies

12:00 PM–1:15 PM Thursday, Jan 3, 2019 (US - Central)

Sheraton Grand - Arkansas

Session Information


1: Nurturing Castilian History from Outside: Trans-confessional Wet-Nursing in the Crónica de Flores y Blancaflor

Luis Miguel dos Santos, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2: Intertextuality, Materiality, and the Maternal: Vindicating Mothers and Nurses in Escorial Manuscript K-III-4

Matthew V. Desing, U of Texas, El Paso

3: Of Printers and Pelicans: Material Intertextuality, Pere Posa, and La dolorosa passio del nostre redemptor Jesuchrist (Barcelona, 1518)

Christi Ivers, U of Kansas


Robin M. Bower, Penn State U, Beaver