203: Health Humanities and Digital Life

8:30 AM–9:45 AM Friday, Jan 4, 2019 (US - Central)

Hyatt Regency - Columbus H

Session Information

Description: This interdisciplinary roundtable is a critical exploration of the intersection of medical and health humanities with the digital humanities. Panelists present—and respond to—urgent textual, theoretical, ethical, and activist concerns that reflect the mutually constitutive engagements of health, illness, pain, and well-being in the digital realm.

Related Material: For related material, visit medicalhumanities.mla.hcommons.org


Nehal El-Hadi, U of Toronto

Kirsten Ostherr, Rice U

Amanda Greene, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor

John Barber, Washington State U, Vancouver

Olivia Banner, U of Texas, Dallas


Andrea Charise, U of Toronto