049: Reinterpreting Nonsense

1:45 PM–3:00 PM Thursday, Jan 3, 2019 (US - Central)

Hyatt Regency - New Orleans

Session Information

Description: Panelists explore the role of literary nonsense and the absurd, seeking to offer a new interpretation of the genre. Issues addressed include political and artistic engagement, the limits of thought and language, the (un)translatability of nonsense, theories of nonsense across languages and cultures and in relation to recent trends in humanities research, and practical questions of the role of nonsense literature in education.

Related Material: For related material, visit mla.hcommons.org/groups/literary-criticism/forum/topic/cfp-mla-2019-chicago-reinterpreting-nonsense/


Radovan Skultety, National Taiwan U


Brad Underwood, Duke U


Brittany Roberts, U of California, Riverside

Sasha Patkin, Georgetown U

Kurt Beals, Washington U in St. Louis

Evelyn Shih, U of California, Berkeley

Gautam Basu Thakur, Boise State U