385: What Is the Status of Women in the Profession?

5:15 PM–6:30 PM Friday, Jan 4, 2019 (US - Central)

Hyatt Regency - Roosevelt 3

Session Information

Description: Panelists lend historical depth to the question of the status of women in the profession while exploring a more expansive notion of gender inclusivity. What has changed and what has not in the fifty years of the committee’s existence in the status of the category of women itself? Topics include the status of transgender and nonbinary scholars, the persistence of gender discrimination and pay differentials, and current proposals of nongendered pronouns.


Barbara Spackman, U of California, Berkeley


Janice A. Radway, Northwestern U

Françoise Lionnet, Harvard U

Heather K. Love, U of Pennsylvania

Gina Dent, U of California, Santa Cruz

Karlyn Crowley, St. Norbert C