435: #Testimony

8:30 AM–9:45 AM Saturday, Jan 5, 2019 (US - Central)

Hyatt Regency - Randolph 2

Session Information


1: #NeverAgain: Student Testimony and the Moral Economy of a Nation

Rosanne M. Kennedy, Australian National U

2: Critique of Testimonial Criticism in Alicia Partnoy’s ‘Rosa, I Disowned You’ and ‘Disclaimer Intraducible’

Kimberly Nance, Illinois State U

3: Poetic Testimonies of Women Migrant Workers’ Plight as Verses of Our Era: Women Migrant Workers, by Zheng Xiaoqiong

Xiaojing Zhou, U of the Pacific

4: Complicating the Figure of the Economic Migrant through Testimonial Transactions

Eleanor Paynter, Ohio State U, Columbus


Ricia Anne Chansky, U of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez